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I have noticed recently with the building and design trends that dining rooms aren’t the most popular to include, but for me personally I love mine! A dining room to me screams hosting, family, holidays, gathering (happy times!)

Having a beautiful table scape set on your dining room table makes the room more inviting, designer, and complete. I love having mine designed and especially when it’s filled with people around it!

Here are a few things I would include in designing your tablespace:

  1. Big long table (mine are usually an 8-seater! I think it’s a great number depending on if you have a big family or not! To me the more the merrier!!)
  2. A runner is next… This balances the table out and protects whatever the material your table is, even if you are not setting down hot sides when hosting! This is where you can add in texture, dimension, contrast etc.!
  3. Next let’s pick a neutral plate set… this is usually going to be where I would splurge a little bit. Something that can be washed after a party, durable, but aesthetically pleasing. I’m not huge on print on this piece because there’s so many other pieces on the table that are interchangeable for that.
  4. Next would be the place mats! Under each plate, this gives placement to the table and where people will sit.
  5. Silverware is simple but think about the other materials around you when choosing! (Ex: light fixture, table material, if the place mats are a metal material)
  6. Napkins and napkin rings! I love the different options for these. The napkin rings can make the seating super creative!
  7. Extras: Greenery, candle sticks, glassware, vases etc.!
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