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When people think of pulling together a room together, I think it initially just overwhelms them. They know the pieces they need for the room, but they don’t think about functionality, aesthetics, and budget all in one swoop. When working with a designer, we keep all these things in mind. A beautiful room can only be so beautiful but if it’s not functional it’s no good.

When I am designing a room there are a few things that go through my head to get started. Sure, some rooms I take a different approach but overall, I have the same goal in mind – beautiful, functional, sustainable.

Here are the steps and pointers I keep in mind when I get a new client that would like a space in their house designed.

  1. Getting to know the client/room – Do they have kids? Dogs? What is the room for? Is this room used frequently? Do they host in this room? The purpose of this room is one of the main things I need to know to determine how I am going to design the space.
  2. Are they bringing any existing furniture that they would want to use in this space or are we starting with a clean slate?
  3. Budget and Timeline needed. If my clients come with me with an unrealistic timeline, that’s something that I am very upfront and transparent about. If it’s a tight-er timeline, I will look for in stock pieces only but that may take more design hours to do so.
  4. Taking into consideration if the wall color and floor color are permanent and not changing with the project, those needs to be the first thing present when pulling, rugs, couches, chairs, beds, etc.
  5. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t ask what their style they would like to achieve is? If your style of design isn’t what you see on my website and social media, we are most likely not going to be working together! No hard feelings and each their own but I only work within the aesthetic that I’ve been designing.

Hopefully walking you through this process has given you some inside on some of the things being taken into consideration when we design your space!

Thinking of redoing a room in your house or need a refresh of a space in your home? Inquire here on my website for a discovery call to talk about your project!


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