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Out of all the topics I write about this might be the most important and crucial (next to picking the right builder). Both picking an interior designer and picking a builder are big expenses that you want to take your time and make sure these are two people you want to communicate and work with daily for at least a year.

Doing your research before picking an interior designer is important. It’s going to save you money, time and, most importantly, a lot of headaches. Here are some things that I would look for before picking the interior designer for your project.

  1. Making sure their aesthetic or style aligns with what you like. If you like an ultra-modern, black and white style… I wouldn’t pick someone whose portfolio on portrays shiplap walls and farmhouse barn doors, etc.
  2. That you understand their services and what they offer is exactly what you are looking to have done. Services should be clear on their website.
  3. Have a discovery call. You may love their work on social media and their website but the discovery call (which should be done after initial inquiry) is when you get to know their personality, how they work, their process and if communication is their strong point.
  4. The designer’s process is very clear. I think this is one of the most important parts of selecting a designer. First, we will do this, then this, then this, etc. Not have a clear process as an interior designer can make the entire extremely overwhelming and unenjoyable for both parties.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask them as many questions as you can think of! An interior designer is a big expense and you really do spend a lot of time with them and communicating with them.

Picking an interior designer to be by your side for any sort of home project you’re starting is a very excited thing and ultimately a very smart decision. There are a lot of choices to pick from when redoing your space and to have

someone to be able to source and pull together your vision without the stress of you doing it yourself is worth every penny. Building, renovating, furnishing are all things that take a lot of time, energy, and money and if you have someone to assist, it makes it an enjoyable experience instead of stressful one.

To pick me as your interior designer, please check out website where you will see my portfolio, services, prices and more! You can fill out an inquiry on there as well for us to set up a free discovery call to see if working together would be a good fit! I look forward to hearing from you!