The NMI steps to making your built ins look great!

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This method of decorating built-ins is valid for all built ins in a home – office, living room, master nooks etc. It’s a simple easy way to make a space that just feels “blah” and add a little bit of character and comfort into a space. When working for a client, they may have existing items they would like to incorporate in the built in design that I usually honor. The only time I won’t honor it in the built in is if it’s completely off aesthetic or sizing issues. (Which usually I will just suggest another area where that piece can go if they really love it!)

When thinking about decorating your built ins, going to the following places are where I usually look:

1.   Target
2.   Homegoods (or Homesense)
3.   Kirklands
4.   Mcgee & co (online)
5.   Crate & Barrel
6.   Pottery Barn
7.   Marshals
8.   Vintage shops
9.   Etsy
10. West Elm

That being said, you’ll notice there are some more expensive places and some less expensive. My trick is to combine the both together. To mix in some more expensive, more detailed pieces gives a good mix with the less expensive pieces that as little less detailed but good staple pieces. Here are a few tips when thinking of putting them all together in a built in

  •  Mix material (textures are everything to give the space dimension)
  •  Make sure everything is to scale aka appropriate size to the space (you don’t want to have a bunch of undersized pieces all jammed on to a shelf that don’t go together. It will make the shelf look unorganized and cluttered)
  • Less is more. I would rather 3 pieces on a shelf (standard size shelf) then to see a bunch of stuff stacked on each other or layered)
  • Take your time looking for these pieces, this is not a one-time shop let’s try and make everything work. Try and find pieces you can genuinely see going in that space. I usually take 2-3 trips for a client when pulling décor together for a built in.

I hope this helps and of course if you need a little extra help beyond this, please inquire on my website!