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When building your own new custom home, it can be so exciting, but can be very overwhelming. For example, thinking about all the ideas you have for customizations to make this home tailored to your family while still trying to keep it under a certain budget. Every home that we have built, depending on what stage of the process we walk into, we have always tried to add custom features to make the house we’re building really feel like ours!

Adding custom features to a new build that make sense for your family is the most exciting part. There is always certain things every other house has, but to put your own little flare with some of the these custom design ideas can take your house to the next level!

Here are some of my favorite custom design elements I have either added to our own builds or have seen in other’s designs that are so inspiring!

  • Flooring: I know what you’re thinking when you see that first word. Obviously, every house has flooring, most likely hardwood flooring. What you don’t usually think about is all the cool things you can do in certain areas to elevate the room with flooring. In the office of our Pittsburgh home, with it being a smaller room and already large build-ins as the feature wall, I didn’t want to add anything to the ceiling. Instead, we added custom herringbone floors to the space. It’s such a minimal detail but I really love how it defines that space and elevates it to be so sophisticated! Also, heated floors! Most likely found in a master bedroom or master bathroom. I love the idea of heated floors in those areas to make it that much more of an enjoyable, relaxing space.
  • Accent walls/custom trims: Accent walls are most fun to add to kids rooms! I love to see the reactions of the little ones when they get so excited to see the different colors and patterns! For custom trims- adding board and batten to a powder room or dining room always makes that space so much more special and custom. Another place you can add an accent feature without it standing out too much and just complimenting a space is the ceiling. We added a shiplap ceiling feature to our breakfast nook to designate the space since the entire room is open to the kitchen and living room.
  • Storage: This is probably the last thing you’re thinking of when you are designing because you’re usually trying to think more about what’s going to look nice. I truly think you can never have too much storage, especially if you have or are going to have children. Garage storage built in is great for the guys and comes very handy when utilizing your garage for your cars to have a space and for all of your husband’s tools, golf clubs, lawn equipment and maybe even some of your holiday décor you like to store away! For storage inside, the most important room to really sit down and think about if you have enough is your kitchen. Think about all the appliances you have – can they all be stored away properly? Do you have room to add if needed? Another place for storage that is important is the mudroom/front closets for coats and kids shoes. Think about where you enter the house and what you take off in those rooms before entering the house, etc. Bonus spots you also wouldn’t think about is the room where all of the machinery for the house is (i.e. boilers, hot water tanks, etc) for shelves of storage for other odds and ends. Utilize these spaces and you will find that the functionality of your home will flow much better and you won’t feel so overwhelmed when moving in, finally!
  • Hidden gems: In our homes that we have built, a hidden wine cabinet and a hidden pantry have been my favorite hidden gems so far! The hidden pantry was already planned before we walked in and bought our Tampa home but I thought “what a cool feature to have in kitchen!” A cabinet-front door to open to a small room that would hold all snacks and food, organized and labeled? Yes, sign me up! The hidden wine storage was drawn up from an idea! My husband and I love to entertain (and I don’t put my reds in a wine fridge) so I wanted something that made sense to easily grab a bottle while in the kitchen with our guests. It has a shelf that pulls out to de-cork right there and a place to store wine glasses as well. Another feature I would call hidden gems is cabinet ready appliances. Hiding your appliances behind a cabinet from to me, gives your kitchen a very high-end look. Making the design cohesive throughout the kitchen, really taking it to the next level.
  • Finally, my beloved wood beams: Sure, they are specific to a certain style but they really are the feature I added to my home that I love the most. With tall ceilings, the wood beams really draw your eye up making the space feel more grand and usually matching the hardwood floors, tying everything together!

Hopefully, if you are here looking for some ideas you have found some! Follow along for more tips and trips on design and building!!